Friday, January 12, 2018

How to watch US TV channels from Australia?

Some Internet users in Australia once ask how to watch US TV channels from Australia. Although US TV channels have their TV programmes posted on their official website, geographic restrictions are usually there because of copyright rights, allowing only US-based visitors to watch these TV programmes. In order to watch US TV channels from Australia, you can use a USA VPN service to unblock US TV channels from Australia.

Best VPN service to unblock US TV channels from Australia

Among all the US VPN service I've used, FlyVPN is my favorite one to unblock US TV channels from Australia.

FlyVPN offers free USA VPN service, so you can try it before purchasing FlyVPN's paid service. Moreover, you can use FlyVPN's VPN App for Android and iOS to watch US TV channels from Australia on Android and iOS.

Steps to unblock and watch US TV channels from Australia

Firstly, download and install FlyVPN's VPN App for Android and iOS. Create an account to enjoy free USA VPN connection.

Secondly, connect to a USA VPN server to get a US IP address so that you will be considered as a US-based Internet user. Remember to clear the cache in your device to let it forget your real geographic location.

Lastly, access the official website of the US TV channel you like to watch. Now you can watch US TV from Australia without any restriction.

If you still have questions about how to watch US TV from Australia, please make a comment below to let us know your question.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Taiwan VPN to unblock Lineage M on Android and iOS from anywhere

Lineage M, a widely popular MMORPG mobile game, was released in December. I've heard that this mobile game is quite popular in Asia, but some gamers cannot play Lineage M because of the game's restriction on IP address. It is said that this game is available in Taiwan, so gamers can use a Taiwan VPN to get a Taiwan IP address to unblock Lineage M on Android and iOS. If you don't know how to do so, just read this article.

unblock Lineage M with Taiwan VPN

How to unblock Lineage M when you are not in Taiwan?

You are not in Taiwan? That is no big deal. You can connect to a Taiwan VPN server to get a Taiwan IP address so that you may be considered as a Taiwan resident and thus be able to play Lineage M when you are actually not in Taiwan.

What you should do is to find a reliable Taiwan VPN service on Android or iOS, connect to it, and play Lineage M. Remember to clear the cache to let your device "forget" your real geographic location.

Play Lineage M on Android and iOS with Taiwan VPN

Best Taiwan VPN service on Android and iOS

Among all the Taiwan VPN services that I've used, FlyVPN is my favorite. I strongly suggest you use FlyVPN's free Taiwan VPN free trial service before turning to its paid service.

If you still have questions about how to unblock and play Lineage M on Android and iOS with Taiwan VPN, you may contact me by making a comment. Hope this article can help you get a better experience in Lineage M.

Friday, July 14, 2017

How do I get a Canadian IP address in U.S.?

Why get a new IP? One may want to hide its real IP address, either for reasons of discretion, or because one carries out for example searches of information from a country that practice censorship on the Internet. Some websites are not accessible by connecting with an IP address that is not Canadian. It is therefore necessary to find a device that makes it possible to have an IP geolocalisation in the country of his wish not to be repressed. We'll explain in this article why VPN helps to get a Canadian IP address and present the Best VPN for Canada.

New Canadian IP with Canada VPN in U.S.

You can also have a Canada IP address by using a VPN Canada server, geolocated in that country and which will then provide its Canadian IP. Using this VPN server as an intermediary not only takes the IP address of the VPN server but also the connection between your computer and the VPN is encrypted according to encryption algorithms. The VPN provides a very important security gain but it is a different device than a firewall, an antivirus or an antispyware.

If you want to have a new IP address that is geolocalised in Canada, the VPN is the ideal solution. With VPN blocked websites can easily be unblocked to access streaming free TV channels or services like Skype, VoIP, YouTube, Dailymotion, Google, Yahoo, AOL, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, AIM.

It should of course be checked that the VPN provider contains VPN servers in Canada to have the correct IP address.

FlyVPN: Best VPN for Canada from U.S.

FlyVPN is a reliable Canada VPN provider with 3 VPN servers in Toronto and Montreal. Before turning to its free trial service, you may get 14 days free membership to test the quality of FlyVPN's Canadian VPN servers.

If you still have questions about how to get a Canadian IP address in the United States, please contact us by making a comment.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Unblock STV Player out of UK from the U.S.

STV, a British television channel serving the majority of Scotland, operates the two Channel 3 Network licenses in northern and central Scotland, formerly known as Grampian Television (now legally STV North) and Scottish Television (now legally STV Central). The brand was adopted on Tuesday 30 May 2006 replacing both franchises' identities. Now thanks to Internet, you can enjoy STV's content on STV Player. STV Player is available only in the United Kingdom. If you are out of UK, you have to connect to a UK VPN to watch and unblock STV Player.

How to unblock STV Player from the United States?

The best solution to unblock and watch STV Player in the United States is to use a UK VPN to get a British IP address. VPN is a tool often used to modify one's original IP address. By connecting to a UK VPN server, your traffic will pass through this server and you will thus get the IP of the server. That's why a UK VPN server helps you unblock and watch STV Player from the United States.

Best United Kingdom VPN service to unblock STV Player

I recommend FlyVPN's service. FlyVPN owns 7 VPN servers in the United Kingdom which will enable you get a stable British VPN connection on different operating systems. You may download its clients or Apps from the official website, for example, VPN for Windows.

If you still have questions about how to unblock and watch STV Player, please make a comment.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Unblock and watch Now TV in the United States

Now TV is an Internet TV service owned by Sky plc. Now TV is designed for people who do not have pay television. It offers movies, shows, sports, entertainment on demand, is one of the best platforms for watching English television. Now TV is available on Windows, Mac OSX, IOS, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 Smart TV, NOW TV Boxes etc. Like many other British channels, Now TV is not available outside the UK. Location-based controls that rely on your IP address deny you access to content.

How to bypass the Now TV geo-restriction from the U.S.?

One of the solutions is to change IP address, in order to appear as a British Internet user. The VPN service gives you the ability to do this. It provides IP addresses, depending on its server location.

To unlock Now TV outside of the UK, simply choose a server located in the UK. You will then automatically receive a UK IP address. No one can be able to detect change. Your identity is hidden behind the identity of the server.

Therefore, in order to circumvent Now TV's geographic restriction, choose a VPN offering with VPN servers in the UK. I propose you to use FlyVPN to watch Now TV, because FlyVPN has 8 VPN servers in the UK and it is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, IOS, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 Smart TV ...

You can follow the simple steps to unlock Now TV outside the UK with FlyVPN:
  • Download and install a FlyVPN on your devices like PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android, for example, VPN for Windows.
  • Use VPN free trial service or purchase a FlyVPN Premium account.
  • Get acquainted with FlyVPN and choose a VPN server in the UK.
  • Go to Now TV or Now TV to watch Now TV free and smoothly in any country.
  • You can repeat this operation as many times as you want and thus access other sites or see other series.

Even better, new users of FlyVPN applications can get 14 days free VPN. With a FlyVPN App invitation code: 270 020 31, you can get 5 additional free VPN days. With the free VPN service from FlyVPN, you can watch Now TV outside the UK without spending a penny.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Watch UKTV in U.S. with VPN

UKTV (, a multi-channel broadcaster, is one of the United Kingdom's largest television companies. Thanks to Internet, you can now enjoy UKTV's programs online. However, UKTV is only available in the United Kingdom, so a USA VPN is needed to unblock UKTV if you are in the United States.

Best UK VPN to unblock and watch UKTV from the U.S.

When choosing UK VPN service to watch UKTV from the U.S., my suggestion would be FlyVPN. FlyVPN offers 14 days free membership for new users on Android and iOS, you may click the link to check the detail. FlyVPN has got 7 VPN servers in UK, respectively in Glasgow, Gosport, Milton Keynes, Leeds and London. All these servers will help you unblock and watch UKTV from the U.S.

Unblock UKTV from U.S. on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

FlyVPN offers US VPN service on different operating systems, and you can download their client or App on your device. You can download VPN for Windows from the link given.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us by making a comment below.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How to unblock and watch Netflix Spain outside of Spain from abroad?

Netflix, Inc. is a US-based entertainment business that provides monthly flat-rate streaming media (mainly movies and television series) on the Internet and DVD-by-mail, where DVDs are shipped via Permit Reply Mail. The company was founded in 1997 and is based in Los Gatos, California. It began its service based on subscription in 1999.

In fact, Netflix is ​​divided into countries and depending on where you are visiting different Netflix pages, for example, if we are in France, when we try to access / fr we will redirect to obligatorily by our IP address belongs To Spain, that makes that we can not visit Netflix from other countries. This limitation makes Spaniards living outside Spain or when traveling outside of Spain will not be able to view contents of their own country due to IP address restriction, to solve this problem is not difficult, just modify the IP address Local to Spain through Spain VPN and this way we will be able to visit the contents without problem, we will see that it is necessary to do to see Netflix Spain outside of Spain from abroad:
  1. We try to access Neflix from Spain by changing the suffix a / s but in no way can we, for example, I am in France and will always take me to Netflix from France.
  2. We use the free VPN service on our PC and connect to the server of Spain.
  3. Now, refresh the page and ready, we can already see Netflix Spain outside Spain from abroad.