Friday, May 19, 2017

How to watch live on the Internet outside of Canada?, abbreviation for Sports Network, is a Canadian television channel specializing in sports. What makes different is that RDS is headquartered in Quebec, Canada and that all programs on RDS are in French. In addition, you can also watch F1 live on RDS. That's really good for francophones, is not it? Now, RDS is available on the Internet through its official website. You can watch broadcasts without cable TV.

Unblock RDS outside Canada with VPN

Bypass's geographic restriction with Canada VPN

Unfortunately, is not accessible outside Canada, as RDS does not have the right to broadcast sports programs abroad. In this situation, only Canadian Internet users have access to sports programs. Yet, there is a solution: using a Canada VPN to get a Canadian IP address. Since, like many other television channels, uses a technology known as "IP-blocking" to block users outside Canada, a Canadian IP address helps us to hide and hide our original IP address To claim to be an Internet user in Canada online.

Canada VPN to unblock from abroad

There are many providers of VPN Canada on the Internet. You can search in the search engines and choose one. Personally, I use the FlyVPN service because it has a VPN server in Quebec, Canada. Since the server is located in Quebec, it is always good to choose a VPN server near it. Because less distance between the two servers, less ping happens to you during the connection. I hope this article has helped you to unlock out of Canada. Enjoy the sports programs on RDS, francophones !!!

If you still have questions about how to watch RDS live outside of Canada, please leave me a comment.

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