Friday, March 23, 2018

How to Get American IP Address outside USA?

Is it possible to get an American IP address for Netflix and the likes in Canada, UK, Mexico, Australia or elsewhere abroad? The answer is ‘Yes’. You can change your IP address and even encrypt your Internet traffic along the way. All you need is a VPN service. VPN stands for virtual private network and setting it all up is easier than you might think. In the tutorial below, I will show you how to get an American IP address outside the USA with the help of a USA VPN.

How to Get an American IP Address outside USA?

A VPN app basically is an ‘American IP Address Generator’. To obtain a US IP address overseas using VPN, simply follow these steps:
-First, sign up with a VPN provider that has VPN servers in the USA. FlyVPN's free trial service is a good example.
-Then download and install the VPN application to your PC, Mac, Android, iOS device.
-Next, launch the VPN application and sign in using your VPN account.
-Now, connect to an American VPN server.
-Finally, head over to and check your IP address. You have successfully hidden your IP address and now appear to be browsing the web using an American IP address instead. You can reverse the whole process anytime you like. If you want to appear online using your real IP address, simply disconnect the VPN connection.

If you still have questions about how to get an American IP address outside USA, you can contact me by making a comment below.

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