Saturday, April 28, 2018

How to watch W9 outside France with VPN?

W9, originally M6 Music, is a private French general-interest television channel of Groupe M6. Since 2005, W9 has been selling a lot of music. Apart from TV, W9 is also available on the Internet. Unfortunately, W9 is not yet available on the Internet outside of France. This is why French-speaking Internet users outside France can not take advantage of W9 broadcasts online. Yet every problem has its solution.

VPN France to watch W9 around the world

The VPN is not strange for Internet surfers surfing internationally. In fact, VPN is a useful and even necessary tool for watching foreign TV or watching TV abroad. In the case of W9, you have to use a France VPN to obtain a French IP address in order to change our geographical location on the Internet. Thus, W9 identifies us as a visitor to France and therefore authorizes us to access the programs on W9 live or W9 Replay.

France VPN Providers to Watch W9 from abroad

To watch W9 from abroad, you have to find a VPN provider that has VPN servers in France. At the same time, the chosen VPN service must support a variety of operating systems. That is, iPhone VPN or iPad and Android VPN is required. You will find the list of the best suppliers of VPN France:

1. FlyVPN: FlyVPN is the best provider of VPN France which has been successful for a long time. FlyVPN offers very stable service. The shared IP VPN plans, dedicated IP VPN and VPN free trial are all offered.
2. HideMyAss: One of the most famous VPN providers on the Internet.
3.Golden Frog: With the available French client interface, Golden Frog offers service and user-friendly software.
4. VPNBook: free VPN offered
5. Security Kiss: VPN that secures your privacy
6. The VPN: VPN service at low price

If you still have questions about watching W9 from abroad, do not hesitate to leave me a comment to ask them. Thank you.

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