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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

How to use FlyVPN to get a US IP address and watch Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday was on March 3, 2020, is the United States presidential primary election day. Voters went to the polls in 14 US states and one territory on Tuesday in the largest day of voting in the United States primary season.

With the advantage of incumbency in the Republican primaries, President Donald Trump is uncontested in Maine and Minnesota. The Virginia Republican Party went a step further and decided to cancel its primary and select their delegates directly at its state party convention. Donald Trump defeated challenger Bill Weld in each of the Super Tuesday Republican primaries.

The U.S. presidential elections consist of two major parts: primary and general elections. Approximately one-third of all delegates to the presidential nominating conventions can be won on Super Tuesday, more than on any other day. The results on Super Tuesday are therefore a strong indicator of the likely eventual nominee of each political party.

The US election has a significant international impact, so people around the world are paying attention to the results of Super Tuesday.

Due to regional restrictions, some regions cannot access U.S. websites, and VPNs are required. FlyVPN is recommended to get U.S. IP addresses and access U.S. websites easily.

How to use FlyVPN to get a US IP address and access a US website?
1. Google searches for FlyVPN and opens the website
2. Click VPN Apps, FlyVPN supports Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and other devices. Download according to your system.
3. Register and log in
4. Select a US server, click connect option. Get US IP address and access a US website.

VPN software, why choose FlyVPN?
1. Enjoy the Internet with no restrictions. FlyVPN offers access to more than 30 of the most popular countries. No matter where you are, you can easily enjoy the Internet with no restrictions and anonymous
access to the entire Internet.

2. Your online activity will be encrypted with 256-AES bit technology. It would take thousands of years for even the top hackers to break. That means you can enjoy total privacy and security.

3. Unlimited network data transmission. FlyVPN servers have no bandwidth or traffic restrictions. While browsing the web, watching videos, and playing games, it brings you the ultimate Internet experience.

What servers does FlyVPN have?
FlyVPN currently has servers in 34 countries around the world, and servers in other countries are also expanding. With 256-AES technology to encrypt online data, FlyVPN can protect network security and prevent leakage of private information. FlyVPN mobile application users have 3 days free trial for the first time, and there are many free VPN servers. FlyVPN is a worthy choice.
More servers, click on the link to enter the official website to view:

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

How to watch Outlander season 5 from anywhere with VPN?

Outlander is a drama television series based upon author Diana Gabaldon's historical time travel book series of the same name. Developed by Ronald D. Starz has renewed the series for fifth and sixth seasons; the fifth is set to premiere on February 16, 2020.

Unfortunately for users from abroad the service is unreachable. Starz didn’t get the needed broadcasting rights for an international airing. Therefore are all video contents blocked.

How to unblock Starz from abroad?
When a video is blocked, that’s because you have been identified as a none-us user. This identification is operated through the analysis of your IP.

Thus to circumvent the limitation you are forced to change of IP address. In order to do so, the VPN is a useful tool that enables us to connect to a VPN server which provides a new IP. If you choose a US server you are easily able to access to Starz, and also to all geo-blocked websites.

How to watch Outlander season 5 from anywhere with VPN?
Now, let me show you exactly what you need to do in order to watch Outlander season 5 from anywhere:
1. Signing up with a VPN provider. I personally use FlyVPN
2. Download and install the VPN application on your Android, iOS, PC, or Mac.
3. Sign in with your VPN and head over to the server list.
4. Connect to a USA VPN server.
5. Launch the Starz website or application.
6. Watch Outlander season 5 from anywhere.

FlyVPN offers paid VPN and free trial VPN at the same time. Download FlyVPN app and register on FlyVPN iOS or Android App for the first time, you can get 14 days free VPN. You can use your free account to test or familiar with the FlyVPN service.
If you still have questions about how to watch Outlander season 5 from anywhere with VPN on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android, please leave a comment.