Wednesday, June 29, 2016

VPN for NBC: How to unblock and watch NBC outside USA on Windows?

NBC or National Broadcasting Company, is one of the most important and popular TV channels in USA. NBC offers videos, TV series and TV shows on its official website. However, NBC is only available in USA. Since NBC uses geographical restrictions to block visitors outside USA, a USA IP address is required to watch NBC online. In order to watch NBC online outside USA, it is necessary to use a tool to change your local IP address and thus unblock NBC outside USA.

How to unblock NBC outside USA and bypass NBC's geographical restrictions?

As I said above, a USA IP can help to unblock and watch NBC outside USA. There are several ways to get an American IP address outside USA, but the most used method is USA VPN. All you need to do is to connect to a VPN server in the USA and make your traffic pass through this VPN server which is located in the United States. When NBC gets your traffic, NBC will consider you as a visitor in the USA despite your real geographical location. This is how a USA VPN works to unblock NBC outside USA.


Best free USA VPN on Windows to unblock NBC outside USA on Windows?

You may want to watch NBC outside USA on Windows PC with a free USA VPN on Windows. I suggest you try FlyVPN's USA VPN free trial service. You can get a VPN free trial account from the link mentioned. FlyVPN's got many VPN servers in USA including Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, New Jersey, Washington, California...

I also suggest you use FlyVPN's free VPN client for Windows to unblock and watch NBC outside USA. You may download the client from the link above.

If you have any question on how to unblock and watch NBC outside USA on Windows, please leave a message. I'll help you as soon as possible.

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