Monday, July 4, 2016

Free Japan VPN: How to get a Japanese IP address in the video games?

Japan, also called the land of the rising sun, is known worldwide for its products video games. There are a lot of Western players who love Japanese video games. Yet it is not very easy to play on the Japanese server of video games from abroad. Because of the great geographical distance between Japan and western countries, high ping problem often to European players. At the same time, IP-blocking technology is often used in many Japanese video games (eg, Japan DMM) to prohibit the access of European players to access the Japanese server to locals residents in Japan. To circumvent these restrictions and get the best activities in video games, VPN Japan is a must for those who play Japanese video games from Europe.
Japan VPN

Best free VPN server in Japan for the Japanese video games

The Japan VPN I use now is FlyVPN. FlyVPN offers VPN Japan free trial service where three VPN servers in Tokyo Japan are offered. You can click on the link to view the account and password.

However, I suggest you use a VPN Japan paid instead of a free VPN service. For the paid VPN service is more stable and efficient than the free VPN. If you are in the paid service of FlyVPN, you can use all 15 VPN servers installed by FlyVPN Tokyo Japan.

Get a Japanese IP address on Windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation and Xbox

How to configure a VPN Japan on my device? In fact, Japan VPN configuration on Windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation and Xbox is simple. Just follow the tutorial VPN.

If you still have questions about using VPN Japan in video games, thank you to leave a comment.

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