Monday, August 1, 2016

Best free VPN for iOS: How to get and use a free iOS VPN?

More and more people prefer surfing the Internet on Android and iOS devices than on Windows PC and Mac. That is why more and more people need an efficient VPN App for Android and iOS. We've talked about how to get and use a free VPN on Android, this article will focus on how to get and use a free iOS VPN through a VPN App for iOS.
free VPN App for iOS

Best Free VPN for iOS: How to get and use a free iOS VPN?

I've used many VPN Apps for iOS, among which I prefer FlyVPN App for iOS. Here are the steps to follow to get and use FlyVPN App for iOS:

1. Search "FlyVPN" in AppStore to download and install FlyVPN App for iOS on your iOS device. Or you can simply download FlyVPN App for iOS from the link mentioned.

2. Create a new account. It's for free and every new user will automatically get 14 days free membership. If you need more days free membership, you can apply the invitation code: 270 020 31 or invite new friends to use FlyVPN App for iOS.

3. After getting free membership, you can choose the VPN server as you like and connect to it. You can check the VPN server location list to see whether there is one you need.

4. Finally you are connected to the VPN server. Enjoy!

Free VPN for other operating systems rather than iOS

I suppose you also want to know how to get and use a free VPN on other operating systems including Windows and Mac. Please click the link to read the VPN tutorial.

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