Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Watch Youku outside Mainland China: How to bypass Youku's geographic restrictions and unblock Youku from anywhere?

Youku, a video hosting service in China, is one of China's top online video and streaming service platforms, alongside with iQiyi, Sohu, LeTV, (Tencent Video), PPTV, and Funshion. Youku is available all over the world, while some content on Youku is only accessible in Mainland China because of copyright problem. If you try to access these region-restricted content, you'll see a notice saying:"Sorry, this video can only be streamed within Mainland China." However, there does exist a solution to unblock Youku's region-restricted content from anywhere: using a Mainland China VPN to get a Chinese IP address and thus to be virtually in Mainland China to unblock Youku from anywhere.
Bypass Youku's geographic restrictions Mainland China VPN

Why Mainland China VPN serves to access region-restricted content on Youku?

Since Youku identifies its visitors' geographic location by their IP address, we should hide our original IP and get a Chinese IP to access region-restricted content on Youku. The best tool to hide original IP and get a Mainland China IP is a China VPN. When connecting to a VPN server in Mainland China, your online data will pass through this server and you'll be able to get a Mainland China IP.

Best Mainland China VPN service to unblock Youku outside China on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

In order to use a Mainland China VPN on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, I suggest you try FlyVPN's China VPN free trial service. FlyVPN supports all the operating systems mentioned above, so you can use FlyVPN to watch Youku outside Mainland China on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Here is a tutorial which may be useful to you: How to use a free VPN on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS?

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