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Friday, June 30, 2017

Best VPN for South Korea

South Korea is the most connected nation in the world with the highest penetration rates (in 2010, more than 81% of citizens have access to the Internet) and the fastest broadband speeds available (With speeds up to 100 MB / s in Seoul). However, in spite of this, and despite the fact that South Korea is a dynamic democracy where freedom of expression is enshrined in law, Internet censorship is "omnipresent", and more restrictions are imposed on freedom of speech than in most other democracies. We will explain why we need a VPN for South Korea.

Internet censorship in South Korea

Reporters Without Borders categorizes South Korea as "under surveillance", and the Open Internet Initiative (ONI) censors Internet censorship in South Korea as "ubiquitous" in its conflict / security category and as "selective" in the category social. Two government agencies in South Korea are responsible for Internet censorship and monitoring: the Korean Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) and the National Election Commission (NEC), and the The past few years has been steadily increasing.

VPN for South Korea

Fortunately for those who reside in this country, a VPN for South Korea is a very effective way to bypass government censorship and no attempt has been made to restrict its use. Neighbor Japan has few restrictions on the use of the internet and, therefore, it allows to locate VPN servers if you connect from South Korea, although this is occasionally against copyright piracy . Hong Kong is a bit further away (increased delay), but it has the freest internet in East Asia and is very concerned about anti-piracy laws, which is also an excellent choice for a VPN server.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bypass regional blocks in video gaming

For a variety of reasons, video game manufacturers shift international release dates or limit gaming characteristics to specific geographic areas. As a result, many players in the international game community will be unable to access new titles and compete with their friends who can be based around the world. For example, the worldwide release of "Pokémon Go", one of the biggest games of 2016, was delayed several times during the year. While it was made available in the United States, New Zealand and Australia at launch, it took months before the game was launched in other important markets. Until December 2016, "Pokémon Go" was still officially unavailable in China, Russia and South Korea, among other countries.

Other popular video games have suffered more permanent blockages. The flagrant censorship policies of China imply that many popular games - such as "Battlefield 4" - are not available in the country. In Morocco, access to Steam and other online platforms has been temporarily blocked as an edge effect of restrictions on VoIP services by the country's largest telecommunications provider. Thanks to a VPN, bypass these regional locks and many others is made possible and allows you to enjoy unlimited access to the same platforms as all other players on a global level. In this article, we suggest you to learn more or subscribe to FlyVPN to successfully bypass regional blocks in video games.

Free VPN and paid VPN for online games

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