Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Unblock The Sports Network ( with a Canada VPN

The Sports Network ( is a Canadian television channel that offers both live and replay service. All sports programming on TSN is broadcast in French, while its French-language equivalent, Réseau des Sports (, offers similar programming.

Despite the rich content on its official website, The Sports Network is not accessible outside Canada. Internet users in France must find a good solution to unblock The Sports Network outside Canada.

TSN Canada VPN

VPN Canada to circumvent TSN's geographic restriction

Since TSN blocks non-Canadian IP addresses, all we need to do is to get a Canadian IP with a VPN Canada. So you can bypass the TSN IP block and hence browse TSN just like people in Canada. If you do not have a VPN account to get a VPN Canada connection, you can take advantage of the FlyVPN's Canada VPN free trial service.

The steps to unlock TSN outside Canada are as below:
1. Connect to a VPN server in Canada
2. Clear your browser cache
3. Re-enter the TSN site to watch TSN outside Canada

How to watch TSN on Windows PC?

You can install the VPN client on Windows PC and obtain a VPN Canada connection to access TSN outside Canada.

How to watch TSN on Android and iOS?

You can install a free Android VPN App on your Android smartphone or tablet and a free iOS VPN App on your iPhone and iPad. FlyVPN now offers 14 days free membership for Android and iOS. You may have a look.

If you still have questions about how to unblock TSN outside Canada, please leave a comment.

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