Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How to watch Netflix Mexico from abroad?

Netflix, Inc. is a US-based entertainment business that provides monthly flat-rate streaming media (mainly movies and television series) on the Internet and DVD-by-mail, where DVDs are shipped via Permit Reply Mail.

In this aspect, we can ask to help PROXY or VPN, basically, a proxy is a point-to-point connection between you and a distant location through the Internet.

Of course, people use Proxy for other reasons as well. One of the utilities is access to restricted region content. For example, someone in the US who want to see the content of Netflix Mexico will not be able to do so, because Netflix Mexico restricts videos to US users. But if you connect to a United States based Proxy first, you can bypass the restriction.

Unblock Netflix Mexico with VPN

Now, try one of the most popular Proxy or VPN (click on the word)

1. Download VPN client or App and install it. When you finish installing, open it.

2. Select the language, in this case English.

3. Enter your username and password if you are registered, for the new users you saw here to get free VPN service.

4. Click on login.

5. Choose the almost all traffic via VPN.

6. Choose between auto, PPTP, L2TP / IPSec and OpenVPN1.

7. Choose the continent and then the country or city you want, here we choose Mexico as an example, also available USA, Peru, Brazil and more.

8. Choose the auto-connect tab and then connect.

9. Mexico VPN Connection is successfully established.

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