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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Biohackers released on August 20, How to Unblock Netflix With FlyVPN

Biohackers is a German television series produced on behalf of Netflix and marketed as a Netflix Original. The show's release is scheduled for 20 August 2020.

Mia Akerlund is a student taking medicine at the University of Freiburg, where she meets Jasper, a talented biology student, and Niklas, his somewhat strange roommate. She is very interested in biohacking technology and becomes involved in the world of illegal genetic experimentation. Mia is also trying to investigate the cause of her brother's death. When she learns of breakthrough biohacking research results which have landed in the wrong hands, Mia has to decide whether to protect her friends or avenge her brother's death.

How to watch Biohackers on Netflix from anywhere

How to watch Biohackers on Netflix from anywhere?

Netflix places geo-restrictions on its content to prevent users from streaming shows and movies from outside their region. With a VPN it’s easy to obtain an IP address from any of these countries, so you can access Netflix from anywhere.

Want to unblock Netflix US? Connect to a US server and get a US IP address. This makes Netflix think you’re actually in the US, so it unlocks all of its content for you, while other VPNs will just be detected and blocked.

How to Unblock Netflix With a VPN?

  1. Choose a VPN that’s proven for bypassing Netflix geoblocks, like FlyVPN. It’s my top choice because of its server coverage, speed, and ease of use.
  2. Connect your VPN to a server in your target country. For example, to access Netflix US, you need to connect to a US server.
  3. Find your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix, and start streaming!

FlyVPN has 1000+ VPN servers in 40+ countries, so there’s always an available connection to stream Netflix from anywhere. If you’re not ready to commit to FlyVPN right away, FlyVPN offers a free trial VPN service too. Simply create an account or in FlyVPN client or App, you can get 3 days free VPN for the first time. After 3 days, you can use FlyVPN 3 times a day, 20 minutes each time. If you still have questions about how to watch Biohackers on Netflix from anywhere, please leave a comment.