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Thursday, October 31, 2019

How to watch Korea's popular drama "Extraordinary You" outside Korea?

The plots of high-profile, fantasy, and campus love themes can always arouse the interest of the chasing parties, let alone the three themes. The Korean drama "Extraordinary You" has been popular since the first broadcast on October 2nd. It has been a hot search at home and abroad. At present, the domestic Chinese subtitles version has been updated to the eighth episode, and everyone's video, Korean TV, etc. can be seen. Overseas watching Chinese subtitles Korean dramas use love to speed up, one-click switching IP to quickly return to China, and quickly pursue the drama.

"Extraordinary You" is an adaptation of the online popular comic "July by chance", a fantasy campus love drama. It mainly tells the story of Yin Duanwu, a female high school student with heart disease, who is awakened in comics and resists the fate of the established fate.

Most of this drama is attracted by the plot setting. No way, it is really interesting. Yin Duan, the female host, has a good family history, good study, and familiarity with the school's handsome characters, as well as a handsome fiance. The only regret is that there is congenital heart disease, the fiancé does not like her, this setting is the female owner. However, Yin Duanwu found that he seemed to have super powers, and he was "traversed" until he was alive. Until a mysterious man who "fired the squid" told her that it was a comic world, he found himself a female with a Dragon Boat Festival. Then the woman began to confront the fate and embarked on the road of tearing the script.


In combination with the latest plots and trailers, the male owner Haru has awakened but lost the memory of the woman. The hostess also began to disappoint Haru and decided to accept the comic world. The trailer also showed that the female host Yin Duanwu and his fiancé Bai Jing were about to get married. Under such stimulation, Haru began to restore his memory and formally return. In the current plot, both the White Sutra and Haru have awakened, and the subsequent plot must have two contests.

I believe that most of the netizens now have "the heart of the white woman, and hope that Haru and the Dragon Boat Festival are sweet together." According to the title of "Extraordinary You", it is obvious that the official match is the Dragon Boat Festival and Haru, what will happen? You can guess one or two according to the comics. In the comics, the ending is a tragedy. The hostess could not resist the established destiny and died in the comic book "Secret". But in another comic, the woman is resurrected and meets the man again for a day and re-acquainted.

In the current plot, there are more and more women's medicines, and it is very likely that it is the foreshadowing of the ending. However, the plot seems to be getting more and more collapsed. The comic female lord has awakened. Six people have awakened five; Haru is not a passerby, but a lost ancient character. The Dragon Boat Festival and he are not a one-time meeting, but the past life is tied; the white classics are also beginning to be strange... What is the ending? It is also difficult to guess, just hope that the plot will not collapse.

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