Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Watch the Wimbledon Tournament live on Internet

The Wimbledon Tournament is arguably one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world. It will start on July 3rd and end on July 16th. During this tournament, many internationally renowned players will compete against each other to try to win the Grand Prize of the Wimbledon 2017. Among the most famous players, there is Andy Murray who returns in force after his defeat at the Roland Garros, Novak Djokovic who has already won the Wimbledon for two consecutive years will also be part of the championship. As for Rafael Nadal, his return is not yet confirmed after his wrist injury.

The Wimbledon tournament, as every year, will take place in London. If you have the means to go there, it is the most recommended option to live highlights for two weeks. Otherwise, you can also watch the tournament on the Internet. Among the official channels that will broadcast the Wimbledon live on the web there are BBC, mainly BBC1 and BBC2. For this, you can download the BBC iPlayer application compatible with computers and mobile devices or connect to the BBC online site. In both cases, there will always be geo-restriction but with a UK VPN, you can very well bypass this problem.

Use VPN to watch the Wimbledon tournament on the Internet

FlyVPN is a system that was especially developed to secure the user's internet connection and change its IP address at the same time. With its virtual IP address, it can pretend to be an Internet user located in another country wherever it is. With our FlyVPN which has VPN servers located in the UK, users will be able to bypass the BBC censorship and all its online content. If you are using the BBC iPlayer application, simply connect to the VPN virtual private network, choose a UK VPN server and launch your favorite software. Normally, all previously blocked content will all become accessible. The advantage with FlyVPN is that it is compatible with computers and mobile devices. You may download FlyVPN's clients and Apps from the given link.

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