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Monday, May 7, 2018

Best VPN service for Iran: How to bypass Internet Censorship in Iran with VPN service?

Internet Censorship in Iran is not new to us. Many famous international online services, including Facebook, Twitter, Google and Youtube, are banned in Iran. Moreover, the Iranian government also uses Internet connection speed throttling to limit online communication, and Internet monitoring is everywhere in Iran. Therefore, it becomes necessary to use a VPN service to bypass Internet Censorship in Iran. In this article, we'll introduce why VPN serves to bypass Internet censorship and how to use VPN on different operating systems.
Internet Censorship in Iran VPN Google

Why VPN helps to bypass Internet Censorship in Iran?

In order to know why VPN serves to bypass Internet Censorship in Iran, we should firstly know VPN's fonctions. VPN can hide users' IP address and makes users' online traffic and information encrypted. By connecting to VPN service, users can become totally anonymous when surfing Internet. Moreover, VPN helps to unblock websites blocked in certain countries or regions as well as bypass geographic restrictions.

For example, if you want to access Facebook in Iran, it is recommended to connect to a VPN server in USA. By connecting to a VPN server in United States, one can hide one's original Iranian IP and get an American IP. Meanwhile, one's online traffic and information will be encrypted so that no Internet monitoring or Internet connection speed restriction is available.

Best free VPN service for Iran on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux

I suggest you try FlyVPN's free trial service to bypass Internet Censorship in Iran. If you don't know how to use a VPN on different operating systems, you can read the following VPN tutorials:
How to use a free VPN on Windows?
How to use a free VPN on Mac?
How to use a free VPN on iOS?
How to use a free VPN on Android?
How to use a free VPN on Linux?

If you still have questions about best free VPN service to bypass Internet Censorship in Iran on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux, please feel free to contact us by leaving a comment.

Friday, June 23, 2017

How to bypass Internet censorship with VPN

Use a VPN to bypass censorship

Whether you are traveling or living in a censorship country, many governments around the world are choosing to censor the web. Now, with the VPN, you can effectively bypass any Internet censorship. To do this, you must connect to the nearest VPN server accessible from your current network. With access points located all over the world in different countries and regions, everyone can find at least one server that can connect even to the most restricted networks.

Once connected to a VPN, your Internet channel is protected from third parties. All your traffic is heavily encrypted and re-routed, via a trusted access point, meaning that nobody can control your network's activity or even see what is happening inside the tunnel, freeing you of any kind of Internet censorship while simultaneously maintaining your Internet traffic and hiding your IP.

Access the information you want, whenever you want

The Internet was used to transmit data and communicate digitally. Since its creation, it has expanded enormously, and the amount of information thus accessible is practically infinite. As developed societies adopt this platform of education and free communication, some governments around the world are watching their citizens' web preferences and blocking access to certain sites

If you are in a country that censors the Internet, you can use a VPN to access the information you want, at the time you want it, even if the Internet is blocked. VPNs allow you to route your Internet traffic through servers located in different countries, giving you the ability to access the Web as if you were physically in this country.

Do not be blocked by censorship

If you plan to live in or stay in China, you will not be able to access Google, Facebook or YouTube, among many other sites. By using a VPN service, traffic can then be routed via servers located in the US, and you will be able to access anything on the Internet in Beijing as if you were in New York. Be careful, have a VPN subscription before going to a censored country, as these countries can also block VPN sites. FlyVPN offers VPN servers located in more than 30 countries, offering you a variety of options to choose from where you want to access the Internet. This feature is especially useful for those who wish to watch TV shows or movies online in restricted countries, access social media and track information in the world.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Why hide IP?

The IP address is a series of numbers to identify you on a network using the Internet Protocol. This identifier presents it of this kind: It is thanks to this series of figures that one can know where the people connecting to such and such websites come from. If you use download sites this is also the IP address that will locate you.

Hide IP

Why hide its ip address?

Hiding one's address may be useful for many reasons, including the following:
(1) Hide your ip to bypass the Hadopi
(2) Keep anonymous online
(3) Encrypt its internet connection to connect to public wifi networks
(4) Change the country's ip address to bypass government censorship
(5) Change ip address to download faster (avoid pause between 2 downloads on file hosts)
(6) Avoid your IP address being stolen and used to launch spam campaigns.
(7) Avoid being pinged at all times.
(8) Limit pop-ups and inadvertent ads.
(9) Limit the risk of an IP spoofing (IP spoofing, used especially by hackers to hide their identities during computer attacks).
(10) Finally, more pragmatically, this will allow you to override certain limits set by your employer, sites (geographical limits like on Bebo, Orkut ...), your ISPs ... like the limit of viewing on certain streaming sites, or override The limits of loading in guest on sites such as megaupload.

For all that, you just need to use a vpn which will allow you to hide IP quickly and encrypt your connection.

As I know, Flyvpn provides free VPN for many countries, but it log out every 20 minutes. If you want to keep online always, you can choose paying vpn to get over 300 ip addresses, 17 countries covered. It is more interesting to pay a few euros for a VPN and to be certain of the quality, confidentiality, security, anonymity of your data.

Friday, June 16, 2017

How to surf the Internet anonymously?

When you surf the Internet, your computer leaves its trace. Indeed, when connected to a web page, your computer is recognized by its signature: its IP address. This is not only recorded on the website you surfed on but also by all the other sites that are linked on the page through pub banners or any other dynamic script.

Surf the Internet Anonymously

This is not all, as cookies are in place on most of the websites. Originally, a cookie is used to personalize navigation, but unfortunately often has the purpose of storing information that will be used for commercial purposes. Because everything sells! And your email address too ... The best known case is that of SPAM, but it is especially your surfing habits on the net, what you consume, which interest these "prospecting banks".

We would like to be more discreet on the canvas, even anonymous ... Fortunately, there is way to protect yourself on the internet. To surf the internet anonymously, the VPN fits perfectly, creating an encrypted tunnel to establish your connection which will protect you from external attacks. It allows you to hide IP, secure its data. Adopt a VPN software, which will establish a private tunnel between the computer and the Internet that will prevent any indiscretion.

As I know, Flyvpn provides free VPN to surf the internet anonymously, but it log out every 20 minutes. If you want to keep online always, you can choose paying vpn to get over 300 ip addresses, 17 countries covered. It is more interesting to pay a few euros for a VPN and to be certain of the quality, confidentiality, security, anonymity of your data.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Google attribution: how to protect your IP

If you know how to change my ip internet, we give you here the solution!

Google announced a novelty to even more target the Internet users with its advertisements: Google Attribution is a free service that allows to measure the effectiveness of each leverage mobilized during a marketing campaign. It allows you to retrieve data from other Google services: AdWords, Analytics, DoubleClick. Tested with some partners of the Internet giant and presented at a congress in San Francisco, Google Attribution will soon be extended to more advertisers, said Sridhar Ramaswamy, head of Google for Advertising and Commerce.

"Google Attribution makes it possible for any advertiser to measure the impact of its ads on the various tools and supports," he said. Buyers' e-mail addresses and loyalty programs can be combined with data collected by other advertiser services from Google, such as Ad Words, Google Analytics and Double Click Search, to provide a "full view" Impact of advertising campaigns.

The idea is therefore to use all the capabilities of artificial intelligence to better analyze and understand consumer behavior in order to be able to target advertising and promotional messages.

Ad Words has been making it possible for advertisers to measure visits to stores that are the result of online advertising campaigns, but it is known that "measuring shop visits is only part of the equation, As Sridhar Ramaswamy points out. "It is also necessary to obtain data on the impact of campaigns on real spending," he said, while stressing that anonymity is guaranteed by the fact that the results are collected without the names of the buyers appear tying The Internet visits to purchases made in hard stores is the "Holy Grail" of advertisers for several years but is accompanied by questions about the respect of privacy, underlines an analyst of the organization for the defense of freedoms Aclu (American Civic Liberties Union), Jay Stanley.

If Google promises to respect the privacy of Internet users, the best intentions "can yield under the enormous pressure of the profit race" and "it will only stop with rules through which we will express our values ​​through Legal protections ". Google and Facebook dominate and by far the online advertising industry for several years. And we see that every time one of the online media giants launches an advertising initiative to capture more advertisers, this is usually immediately copied by the other.

Google is trying to measure the link between advertisements and purchases, which is not easy.

Google Attribution will therefore allow better targeting campaigns based on potential buyers. This will have an immediate and real impact for Internet users: they will quickly start receiving more and more ads for products and services that they really want to buy. And in fact, they will actually spend more money. But we do not know what Google is going to do with the data collected. So change my ip internet, how to go about it?

Google indicates that the processing of this data will be carried out in a secure manner and with respect for the confidentiality of Internet users, mobile users and customers.

A Google spokesperson says the group has developed a "new encryption technology for customers to ensure that data remains private, secure and anonymous."

To reduce the traces that brands capture on you, here are some tips. Limit the use of geolocation by changing your settings. Also, periodically delete your browsing history. And you want to know how to change my ip address? Use a VPN to hide your identity and be able to surf anonymously.

FlyVPN is the best VPN service, and this wherever you are. FlyVPN encrypts your Internet connection with a military-type encryption that nobody can hack, even if you use public WiFi networks in stations, airports and other hotspots. Change my ip internet, you need to do it right away with FlyVPN!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Unblock Omegle with VPN: How to get Omegle unbanned with VPN?

Omegle, with its slogan "Talk to strangers!", is a free online chat service that allows users to socialize with others without the need to register by randomly pairing users in one-on-one chat sessions.  Omegle is initially a website and now provides mobile applications which allows users to chat with strangers on mobile devices. However, Omegle's users may encounter blockages from time to time because of various reasons. The best solution to unblock Omegle is to use a VPN service. We'll explain why and how.

Unblock Omegle with VPN

Why Omegle gets banned?

Omegle gets banned for several reasons. Since Omegle enables chat between strangers, Omegle is blocked in most schools, universities and offices. In addition, some users' IP could be blocked by Omegle because their former inappropriate actions within the service. Also, Omegle is also blocked in countries with strict Internet censorship.

How to unblock Omegle with VPN?

VPN helps to hide and change your original IP as well as make your online data encrypted, so VPN is the best solution to unblock Omegle. In order to unblock Omegle, we have to connect to a VPN server so that our online traffic will pass through this server and will not accessible to other people.

Free VPN to unblock Omegle on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux

If you need a free VPN, I recommend FlyVPN's free trial service which supports such operating systems as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Linux. You may read the following tutorial to know how to use this free VPN on these operating systems: Free VPN tutorial for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux

If you want to share other informaiton about how to unblock Omegle with VPN, please kindly make a comment.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to unblock and access LinkedIn from Russia?

Since November 17 2017, LinkedIn is officially banned in Russia. Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor has blocked LinkedIn because the social network failed to transfer Russian user data to servers located in the country, violating 2014 federal law requiring internet companies that process Russian citizens'personal information to store their user data on servers located in Russia.

Many had considered the 2014 law unenforceable, and LinkedIn is hardly alone in processing user data away from Russian shores. Many observers think LinkedIn was selectively banned by Roskomnadzor to improve its negotiating position on data localization with other companies.

LinkedIn, the major global professional social network, owns more than 400 million users worldwide, including 6 million users in Russia.

Unblock LinkedIn in Russia

How to unblock and access LinkedIn from Russia?

The best solution to unblock LinkedIn in Russia is to use a VPN service to change IP. VPN helps to change one's local IP and fake an IP address. In the case of unblocking LinkedIn in Russia, users can be virtually outside Russia by connecting to a VPN server outside Russia. Since LinkedIn is an American social network, it is recommended to use a USA VPN to unblock LinkedIn from Russia.
Unblock LinkedIn from Russia with free VPN

Free VPN to unblock LinkedIn from Russia on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

If you are looking for a free VPN service to unblock and access LinkedIn from Russia on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, I suggest you try FlyVPN free trial service. FlyVPN has got over 300 VPN servers in over 40 countries all over the world. All these VPN servers will enable you to get a stable VPN connection to access LinkedIn from Russia.

FlyVPN's free VPN client for Windows and Mac as well as its free VPN App for Android and iOS will help users in Russia unblock LinkedIn from Russia on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Here are VPN tutorials that will help you:

How to get and use a free VPN on Windows?
How to get and use a free VPN on Mac?
How to get and use a free VPN on iOS and Android?

If you still have questions about how to unblock and access LinkedIn from Russia, please feel free to contact us by making a comment.

Friday, July 29, 2016

How to hide your true IP address on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS?

More and more people pay attention to their online security and privacy. That is why more and more people now ask for a tool to hide their true IP address when they surf the Internet. The most efficient and the most used solution to hide IP is using a VPN service. I'll show you why VPN helps to hide IP and how to hide your IP on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS with VPN.
VPN hide IP address

Why use a VPN to hide your true IP address?

VPN is perhaps the best tool to hide and change your original IP address. When you use a VPN service, your traffic will pass through the VPN server, your online traffic will be encrypted and your true IP address will be thus hided.

A qualified VPN will never leak your IP address. You'd better choose and use a big brand VPN service so that your true IP address will be perfectly hided.

Best free VPN to hide IP on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

I often FlyVPN's VPN free trial service to hide my true IP address. The VPN connection is quite stable and there are over 300 VPN servers all over the world can be chosen from.

You can use FlyVPN on many operating systems including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Please click the link to read the VPN tutorial. If you have any further question on how to hide IP with VPN, please leave a message.